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Check Out Four Point Products Environmentally Bound™ Recycling Program.

Gather your organization’s old and used vinyl binders with metal rings and vinyl covers and send them back to Four Point Products. The only cost to our customers is the shipping. You will be helping to keep those binders out of the local landfill.
Four Point Products is committed to protecting the environment. We started Environmentally Bound™ to help our customers do the same.

This program can be used in your bookstore as part of a recycling program or campaign. Encourage your students to bring back their old, used or broken vinyl binders at the end of the semester. Offer students a discount off the purchase of a new binder when they bring in an old binder. E-mail us your ideas on environmental promotions and how you get students, faculty and alumni involved. We would love to hear from you!

To request information or e-mail us your ideas on Environmental Promotions click on the "Please send me Four Point Products information" link below.