www.fourpoint.com CASEMADE TEXTURED BINDER 11x8.5”, 1” Round Ring, Textured Cover Material, wrapped and glued over recycled chipboard. Material looks and feels like a real football, basketball, baseball, and even a golf ball! Base artwork is pre-printed on the front, spine, and back cover. Your custom artwork is then screen printed in one ink color. Black exposed rivets on the spine. Two-vinyl, heat-sealed pockets on the inside. Black liner (except for Golf, which has a white liner). Base-art “ball markings” included in price. May choose 72 ea. of 2 sports to meet 144 minimum. Min. Order: 144 (24/CTN) Design Guide # CMB-1-FB 1”, Football 1-color screen print $ 4.87 116-17 CMB-1-FB 1”, Football 2-color screen print $ 5.22 116-17 CMB-1-BB 1”, Basketball 1-color screen print $ 4.87 116-20 CMB-1-BB 1”, Basketball 2-color screen print $ 5.22 116-20 CMB-1-BSB 1”, Baseball 1-color screen print $ 4.87 116-18 CMB-1-BSB 1”, Baseball 2-color screen print $ 5.22 116-18 CMB-1 GLF 1”, Golf 1-color screen print $ 4.87 116-19 CMB-1 GLF 1”, Golf 2-color screen print $ 5.22 116-19 SPORTS & SPIRIT PRODUCTS 25 ...almost all of our products are shipped in E-Z Open Tear Display Cartons? There’s no need to continuously stock shelves! Stack boxes on the floor and pull the E-Z Open Tear Tape tab as boxes are emptied...you’re back in business! (And no knife is needed!) Also, as a way to boost sales, place a few boxes of our PP View and Non- View Binders behind your check-out counter. Did a student purchase a looseleaf course pack and forget their binder? No need to get out of line and get one...your sales associate has one to quickly offer to make the sale!