Four Point


Coursepack Non View Binders

  • Made from 100% eco-friendly polypropylene
  • Available in 6 colors: forest green, red, maroon, navy, royal blue, or black
  • Angle-D ring sizes: .5 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch , and 3 inch
  • Resistant to toner-transfer
  • Material glued to board inside and outside makes this binder smooth and durable

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These coursepack non view binders are a school supply store staple, providing an economical and reliable way for students to stay organized each semester. Plus, they’re great for course study packs. Each durable polypropylene binder features a clear overlay pocket inside the front and back cover to hold additional school literature. These coursepack polypropylene binders are available in forest green, red, maroon, navy, royal blue, or black as full-carton color options. Minimum order of 12, with all orders shipped in 12-carton packs. Vinyl binders are available in angle-D ½”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, and 3” ring metal options.